The Essentials of My Evening Routine

Most people have their morning routine down to a science. Wake up. Check email. Check social media. Go to work. Repeat. You may not take these specific steps, but more than likely, you follow a routine that helps you set your intention for the day.

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However, how do you end your day? After you have gone through the motions of work and life, how do you make the most of your evening before bed? Depending on the steps that you take before bed, you can significantly impact your sleep habits. Trust me. I am the queen of insomnia when I fail to implement my evening routine.

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Sleep is so precious. With all the things happening around the world on a daily basis, we need our sleep. When I don’t get enough sleep, I understand that my health is affected and so is my ability to think. I get groggy and moody when I don’t have enough sleep. So, sleep deprivation can impact my relationship with others. I mean, who wants to be around someone groggy and moody.┬áHaving an evening routine can contribute to a better night’s sleep. I feel better and feel refreshed.

I learned the importance of an evening routine because I would often turn the lights off to go to sleep, but my mind wouldn’t turn off. My mind would be racing. I might think of events that happened, actions that I should have taken, and etc. I would end up not getting any sleep.

My evening routine helps me to shut off my mind and serves as a prelude to a good night’s rest. I shut my mind off by writing in my bullet journal what I was experiencing. Also, I use my bullet journal to prepare for tomorrow. I think I enjoy having an evening routine because it allows me to be in control when things around me appear to be out of control. As you may have noticed from my previous posts, journaling is extremely important to me.

My evening routine helps me to relax and quiet my mind. Here is my evening routine.

Evening Routine - The Bougie Professor
Evening Routine – The Bougie Professor

Do we have a similar evening routine? Share your evening routine and tips in the comments.

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