Keeping a Journal

Recently, I posted on several of my social media accounts an image of some of my journals. Some of the responses and direct messages prompted me to create a post about keeping a journal.

Since I have been teaching English on the college level, I have advocated for journaling. I give my students journal writing assignments. I do writing marathons in class to encourage getting whatever is on my students’ minds on a sheet of paper.  I even wrote a journal for divorced people, entitled Ten Writing Prompts for People Experiencing Divorce. This book is very special to me. Keeping a journal during my divorce helped me tremendously process the pain, the anger, the sadness, and the loneliness.

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Keeping a journal is very important to me. I have journals from when I was a child to now. Writing in my journal provides me with so much peace and helps me to organize my thoughts. When I am frustrated, and my brain is operating at 1000 mph, journaling calms me down and helps me to focus my energy towards what I can control and what is important. I recommend journaling during trying times because peace can return when you write in your journal.

Personal Journals
A Homemade Bookshelf with Some of My Journals

About 2015, I discovered bullet journaling and have been using the bullet journal system to plan out my life and keep me organized. I like using a bullet journal because you design it to fit your needs. You can use washi tape, cards, paper clips, special paper, and special pens, or you can practice minimalism by just using a pen and paper. My favorite journal to use is the Leuchtturm1917 dotted grid A5. My favorite journal color is black, but I have several colors, such as lime green and yellow. I love the dots and how I don’t have to worry about staying within the lines. I create my lines or not. I use stencils to create different designs throughout my journals.

I keep journal ideas readily available by using Pinterest, which I believe is an excellent tool for finding ideas for your journal writing experience. Also, I follow these hashtags on Instagram: #bujo, #journaling, #bulletjournal #studyblr to assist with ideas, too. Use these hashtags on Instagram and even Tumblr to discover accounts to follow and help you get your creative juices following.

I have a variety of journals. I have a poetry journal, scripture journal, prayer journal, bullet journal, and just random journals that I write whatever is on my mind. There are so many different types of journals that people keep. I am fascinated by them. I have a Livescribe 3 Pro and a journal to use along with it. I use digital journals in apps, such as Notability, Goodnotes 5, and Evernote.

I have taught my children how to journal, and when they were younger, I would schedule in journal writing time for them to get in the habit of writing in their journal. Now, they write on their own without me prompting them to write. This fact excites me so much.

Journal ChallengeIn March, join me for the #bougieprofessorjournalchallenge. During March, I will post journal prompts for 31 days on my Instagram and Facebook accounts to promote keeping a journal and to help you have an idea of what to write in it.  Make sure you use the hashtag to keep up with the challenge. I am excited about sharing ideas for journal writing and this challenge.

Do you keep a journal? Why or why not? Let’s chat. Leave a comment.


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