How COVID-19 Inspired Me to Put Myself First

When a friend needs me, a family member calls, or an associate wants my assistance, I often go out of my way to answer their requests. I remember when Katrina wrecked so much havoc. A former friend shared that she didn’t have any gas. I found her some gas, but I failed to recognize that I was now out of gas because of my efforts.

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When the COVID-19 swooped in and changed all of our lives as we knew it, I started to pay closer attention to the fulfillment of my needs. I started asking questions. How often do I show up for myself?

I’m guilty of putting the needs of my children, immediate family, significant other, career, associates, and etc. before my needs. I often go without to ensure that other people have. Even though I go through amazing lengths not to let others down, I easily let myself down without even recognizing it.

Thanks to COVID-19. I have been forced to show up for myself. One way that I put myself first is by giving myself permission to take a break. I have spent so much of my life in a race with myself. I create self-imposed deadlines on where I need to be in life, whether it’s personally or professionally. I appreciate where I am in life. I refuse to be hard on myself.

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COVID-19 provided me the opportunity to slow down and rest. I am okay with not publishing as much as my peers. I am okay with not submitting numerous grant applications. Under the circumstances, I am aware that I am doing the best that I can. I am adjusting to a move, where my routines and entire life is different. I am adjusting to constantly changing conditions with my job. I am attempting to remain safe and practice social distance.

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Another important way that I am making myself a priority is by practicing self-care. I am using my habit tracker in my bullet journal more. Why? I desire to cultivate habits that enhance my livelihood and help me take care of my needs. One of my daily habits is to do something that focuses on me. I am intentional about practicing habits that make me accountable. 

Since putting myself first, I am cognizant of what is best for me. I am my number one priority. Every day, I intentionally show up for myself. The results have been rewarding and freeing.

I hope you find my tips helpful. Leave me comments about how you are showing up for yourself. Share your tips.

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