Keep Hope Alive

This morning, Chunk and I sat on the front porch, his idea, and listened to the birds, while enjoying how great it felt outside. Chunk sipped his hot chocolate, and I sipped my coffee. During this time, he chatted about dying, living, and being happy. I couldn’t help but be amazed at how full of hope he was, and honestly, all of my children are.

In times of uncertainty, I can sometimes quickly lose hope and feel overwhelmed by my challenges, whether they are personal or professional. However, no matter what happens, just as Chunk innocently shared, a glimmer of hope can always guide me through some dark days. Interestingly enough, it is the belief that things will improve, that I can overcome adversity, and that a brighter future awaits me.

So, I need always to remember to keep hope alive. I must hold on to the things that inspire me, the people who love me, and the dreams I cherish. I need to focus on the good things around me, no matter how small they seem. JD and Jazz reminded me of this over the weekend. I must remember that I can choose hope over despair, even in the most challenging times.

I know that I can face anything that comes my way. I have a track record that proves this fact.

This article was first published on my personal Facebook page.


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