My Favorite Productivity Tools

I love using my Mac, Macbook Pro, iPad, Dell Laptop, Rocketbook, and Echo Pen to capture my thoughts and ideas.

Since I love writing so much on these devices, I have a handful of tools I use over and over again to help me organize the thoughts and ideas that I capture using these digital devices. All of these tools are ingrained into a daily habit. I use these tools to help me solve problems, plan projects, capture tasks, and accomplish my goals.

I highly recommend you use these tools to capture your thoughts and ideas.

Here are my favorite tools to capture my thoughts and ideas to increase productivity:

  1. Tool #1: Notion: Notion allows me to create databases, write notes, and plan my career development. All of the databases that I create a unique. The templates to organize and maintain my personal and professional relationships, write notes for my Financial Management course, and plan specific aspects of my life are just a few ways that Notion allows me to be productive.
  2. Tool #2: Obsidian: Obsidian replaces Evernote, and it allows me to connect my thoughts using Markdown notes with tags that help me truly understand how my thoughts and ideas a linked to each other or not.
  3. Tool #3: Basecamp: Basecamp helps me to complete projects related to my business and personal life, and I love it because it allows me to work efficiently and effectively with my virtual assistant

I like discovering new technological tools to help me become more successful and productive. If you use any of these tools, let’s chat!


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