Benefits of Meditation

Since the pandemic has been in full force, I have noticed that my meditation practice remains instrumental to me and my well-being. Prior to the existence of COVID-19, I only meditated when I was having trouble sleeping. Now, I meditate daily.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the practice of training your mind to focus and redirect unhealthy thoughts or ideas. Some people use meditation to become more aware of themselves and their surroundings, to improve their ability to concentrate, and to reduce stress. Additionally, meditation helps with your sleep patterns, enhance your mood, and promote self-discipline.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation has numerous scientific based benefits to help you improve your well-being. Here are a few benefits that I believe are useful to me and my well-being.

Improved Outlook on Life

So much is happening right now in our lives. I have friends, who have lost relatives to COVID-19. I have associates, who have experience the havoc of COVID-19. People have lost their jobs. The uncertainty surrounding their financial state is grim.

Meditation helps to improve your ability to control negative thoughts that can change your mood and impair your ability to be optimistic. Experimental studies have shown that meditation contributes to the improvement of meditation and helps people become more positive, despite what they are going through in their lives. There is even research to support that practicing meditation contributes to long term benefits of transforming the outlook on life.

Lengthened Attention Span

With so many deadlines, tasks, responsiblities, etc., my attention span started to become really short. I found myself getting bored easily, and it didn’t help that I felt the urge to always multi-task. However, since I started meditating, I have noticed that my attention span has changed.

I know that meditation has helped me stay focused on tasks longer to ensure that they are complete. I don’t have to depend so much on my #bujo to help me remember details of specific tasks and action items. My endurance is longer and stronger. I can focus better now. I use the Pomodoro Technique to accomplish tasks and improve focus, but prior to meditating regularly, I experienced great difficultly just retaining my attention at given periods.

Improved Sleep Patterns

Sleeping for me has been almost taboo. As a doctoral graduate student, working numerous jobs, taking nine graduate courses, and being a single mother of three, I trained my body to “not sleep.” Yes, I know this unhealthy, but this is a a reality for a lot of graduate students, who are working to obtain their PHD. When I finished my degree, I was so excited. Why? Because I knew that SLEEP was available. Yet, I forgot that I had trained myself NOT to sleep. When I can’t sleep and I know I need to sleep, that would be the only time, I meditated.

Since the unexpected existence of COVID-19, I recognized that insomnia was making me feel worse during the day. Sheltering in place was an eye opener for me to recognize how awful my sleep patterns were. That’s when I started meditating on a regular basis. Some days, I fall asleep sooner with no assistance. Since I meditate regularly, I have noticed an improvement in my sleep patterns. I notice that it is easier for me to relax , to release any tension and to feel peaceful. All of these factors contribute to a better night’s rest, and it makes it easier for me to fall asleep.

App to Meditate

You know that I could not finish this writing without suggesting an app to go along with the practice. If you haven’t noticed, I am a bit of a “techie.” I love technology and using it to my benefit.

Insight Timer

My favorite app to use for meditation is the Insight Timer App. I have used the Insight Timer for years. I can’t remember why I started using it or how. I think that a friend recommended it to me, but I cannot be sure.

Insight Timer is free. I have always used the free basic version of the app. There is a paid version, which includes access to courses, but I have not ventured in that direction, as of today.

I started using the guided meditations. Before my son was dropping his siblings off at school, I would choose a guided meditation for my children and I to listen to prior to arriving at school. I did this, in addition to our morning commute prayer.

Also, I like the fact that the Insight Timer app allows you to choose sessions based on time. Some days, I have more time than others to meditate. Insight Timer provides so many options. There are even meditations for healing chakras or just for concentration.


There are so many more benefits to meditation. I just shared a few that have been beneficial to me. Meditation can improve so many health ailments and enhance your mind.

Do you meditate? Leave a comment with your thoughts about meditation. I want to hear from you.

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