Stop and Smell the Roses

I have found myself reaching way down deep inside of me to just stay grounded. Using the Insight timer, I mediate daily. Sometimes, I might meditate three or four times to try to remain grounded.

When the COVID-19 Pandemic first started impacting Mississippi in March 2019, I was still going full force. I still maintained my flair. However, now, I am struggling. My sleep patterns are off. I mean it is 3:00 a.m. now, and I decided to post a blog post.

Today, I returned to another hobby that was long lost. I started back practicing my photography skills. I have over 55,000 photos in my iCloud Drive. My children have memories for days. I still have old hard drives that contain photos. Anyway, I went outside, and I noticed that my mother has beautiful roses. I started capturing them today, and they were so beautiful. Seeing the roses made my heart smile.

One of my mother’s red roses – The Bougie Professor

Have you ever smelled a rose? These roses smelled like heaven on Earth. Just seeing them made me so happy. Then, I realized something. When I stopped to smell the roses, I was peaceful and happy. I was not overwhelmed by rude emails, screaming deadlines, and inconsiderate requests. I was just Sand, strolling around sniffing beautiful roses. I was at peace.

A beautiful pink rose from my mother’s garden – The Bougie Professor

These days, things are just not normal. We probably will never see what we once believed to be normal. However, we can take time to stop and smell the roses. Breathe in fresh air. Practice gratitude, and just be.

Another beautiful read rose from my mother’s garden – The Bougie Professor

How are you staying grounded these days? What keeps you happy and filled with peace?

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