Using the Pomodoro Technique to be Productive

As a professor, single mother of four, researcher, and business owner, I juggle numerous tasks, projects, deadlines, and deliverables. When I know that I need to focus and get things done, I implement the Pomodoro technique.

Using the Pomodoro technique, I work on a specific task for a minimum of 25 minutes. During this time, I focus only on the task at hand. Once the timer indicates that I have completed 25 minutes, I take a short break for 5 minutes. After four pomodoros or cycles, I take a more extended break, which is usually for about 30 minutes. During the breaks, I brainstorm new ideas to enhance the completion of the task. Once the break(s) is over, I return to completing the task.

For me, the Pomodoro technique remains essential to help enhance and maintain productivity. By using the Pomodoro technique, I create a workflow process that encourages substantial progress and reduces the temptation to be swept away from a task because of procrastination or distraction. I can focus on what is essential and finish what I started.

The Pomodoro technique doesn’t require using an app. The founder of the method used a tomato-style timer. However, I use an app that implements the Pomodoro technique. Since I am a visual learner, the app ensures that I see the progress that I am making.

Be Focused

I use the Be Focused app to implement the Pomodoro technique on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. I own the Pro Version, but the free version works, just as well. Be Focused helps me manage my tasks. I can customize the work interval durations to be longer than the standard 25 minutes. Additionally, I can adjust both the long and short break durations.

My favorite feature of the Be Focused app is the inclusion of the original Pomodoro ticking sound. When I use the Be Focused app, I am motivated, focused, and productive.

Other features that I enjoy include:
• Being able to export a CSV file of my progress.
• Choosing different alarm sounds.
• Customizing the app to fit my requirements.
• Managing my goals.
• Syncing my progress across all my devices.

Be Focused – The Bougie Professor

I enjoy the Pomodoro technique because I can effectively focus on one task. This principle is known as timeboxing, which involves working for a designated time to complete a task. We all tend to jump from one thing to another without completing anything. However, by using the Pomodoro technique, I can finish what I started.

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